Eze Nails x Stefany Talita Flawless Faith

About Us

An ambitious nail company that provides ambitious women effortless and comfortable great nails so women can focus their time on multiple roles and ambitions they aspire to be.



We believe that the world should see ambitious women like a gift worth celebrating. Not discouraging her, not making her feel guilty for dreaming of building her own empire, not making her choose between raising her kids or raising her dreams. Because women are born to live up to multiple roles that we aspire to be, a CEO, a business owner, a mother, a wife, a best friend, a sister, without having to sacrifice one or another.
Unfortunately, the current (full of hassle) nail industry is not ambitious enough to provide effortless nail products that support women’s ambitious life—juggling from one role to another and one ambition to another. It really irritates us, how nail salons are highly time-consuming, crazy high-cost nail treatment, and worst damaging one of our greatest assets—beautiful healthy nails, or how nail polish brands expect us to be the expert of applying our own manicure gracefully.

Therefore Eze Nails truly believes in facilitating ambitious women, to help them to juggle between their roles and ambitions in their life by providing our disruptive innovation Spot-On Manicure that you can easily apply in 10 minutes anytime, anywhere.

Let’s #CelebrateAmbition.
With Eze Nails, great nails have never been this Eze.